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Workplace bullies can create a hostile workplace, even online

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Hostile Work Environment

Every employee in Florida has the right to workplace free from inappropriate behavior and harassment of any kind, whether in person or online. Unfortunately, bullies in the workplace are still prevalent, and they do things that ultimately lead to the creation of a hostile workplace. Victims of bullies at work may experience things like aggressive comments, threats, discrimination inappropriate contact and even sexual harassment. This commonly happens in online settings. 

Many assume that bullying is something that only happens among children, but this type of behavior can affect adults as well. It can actually be difficult to identify cyberbullying and digital discrimination, and victims may not be certain that what they are experiencing qualifies as a type of harassment. Bullying can include things like direct attempts to ruin a person’s reputation, spreading gossip, denying the victim opportunities and harassment of a sexual nature. This is becoming a significant problem as many companies shift to online operations.

One thing employers can do is have strict policies in place prohibit cyberbullying of any kind. They should also have procedures that protect and assist workers who experience mistreatment and report it. A clear reporting process can make employees feel more confident about speaking up and getting help when they need it. 

It is possible to experience the effects of a hostile workplace, even when working online. Florida employees who are victims of bullying, harassment and discrimination can seek legal guidance regarding the possibility of filing a civil claim against their employers. It is appropriate for a victim to pursue justice in the form of financial compensation and damages.