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Race discrimination allegations made against health care company

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Every employee has the right to be at his or her workplace without fear of discrimination or mistreatment. Unfortunately, race discrimination is still a real problem in many Florida workplaces, but victims do not have to remain silent. Individuals who experience this type of unacceptable and reprehensible treatment have the right to take legal action to hold responsible parties accountable for what they experienced. A woman recently filed a legal claim against her employer due to allegations of racial discrimination and other problems.

She alleges that she experienced race discrimination and sexual discrimination, and that after filing her complaint, she also experienced retaliation. In a sexually inappropriate incident, she asserts that one of her co-workers exposed her breasts to her. When she complained about what happened, other co-workers reportedly acted hostile toward her. Her employer denied the allegation and asserted that the claimant did not accurately describe what happened. 

Despite reporting the hostile treatment from her co-workers, she claims her employer required her to continue working in those circumstances. She says no remedial actions were taken to address her concerns. Her employer denies all allegations made against it. The claimant is seeking damages to cover both economic and non-economic losses.  

Race discrimination and/or sex discrimination in a Florida workplace is unacceptable, as is acting in retaliation against an employee who reports it. Anyone who experiences this type of treatment has the right to purse compensation through a civil claim. An assessment of the case can reveal what legal options may be available to a victim, and an experienced attorney can provide guidance when navigate the claims process.