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Conversations about race discrimination in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

The issue of race has dominated the headlines over the last few weeks. Even in today’s culture, race discrimination is still a problem in workplaces, and many Florida business owners and employees are taking steps to address this issue head-on. Addressing the issue of discrimination can start with conversations, but it doesn’t stop there. Decisive action is appropriate and critical.

One step for employers is to incorporate anti-discrimination training and awareness into training. A company’s core values should include a strong stand against discriminatory actions in the workplace, making it impossible for any type of racist behavior to happen without quick and decisive action. Employers may also find it beneficial to provide employees with educational resources in order to spread awareness.

Another thing companies can do to fight racist behavior is to cultivate diversity. This means actively implementing steps to be inclusive and diverse in hiring practices and workplace policies. Florida employers have to acknowledge and address their own unconscious biases. With time, effort and willingness to implement important practices, it is possible to make workplaces better and more inclusive for every employee.

Race discrimination at work is an unfortunate and inexcusable issue, and sadly, many victims are reluctant to speak out about what they experienced. Instead of staying silent, they may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney about the specific legal options they may have available to them. A civil claim against the employer may be appropriate, allowing a victim to pursue damages and hold responsible parties fully accountable.