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Common signs of sexual harassment that can occur at work

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

The inappropriate treatment of workers has become a more prevalent issue as people become more comfortable with speaking about what they experienced. Thanks to various social movements, there has been more awareness surrounding issues like sexual harassment in the workplace. Florida workers may find it helpful to learn more about what behaviors count as harassment and what they can do to protect their rights and interests.

Of course, unwanted physical contact is one of the most prevalent types of sexual harassment someone might experience at work. This can include backrubs and other similar types of seemingly innocent behaviors, but in reality, they may make someone uncomfortable and communicate inappropriate messages. No matter the specific type of behavior, it is especially inappropriate after the recipient asks the perpetrator to stop.

Some sexual harassment can be more overt, such as making blatant advances toward a person. In other cases, it may be more subtle, such as when a co-worker makes inappropriate jokes. It can also include sharing unwanted information about sexual activities, and anything that makes someone comfortable can count as harassment as well. There is no place for leering, lewd comments and suggestive behavior in a professional setting.

If someone does experience sexual harassment in his or her Florida workplace, he or she has the right to speak out about it. It could be grounds for a civil claim against an employer, and a victim may be able to claim damages for emotional and mental duress. To learn more about this possibility, it may help to speak with an experienced employment law attorney about the legal options available.