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Workplace sexual harassment when working from home

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Unprecedented circumstances have seen many Florida employees transition from working in offices to working at home. Many companies have shifted their operations online, using Zoom and other platforms to communicate with each other. Even from the comfort of home, however, some employees are still experiencing workplace sexual harassment. In these unusual circumstances, Florida employees may be unsure of how to handle this issue.

The current global crisis has many people without work, and women may be disproportionately affected by the unemployment crisis. With the number of female employees either without work or working remotely, one may assume there will be a decrease in sexual harassment in work settings. Still, there is evidence that those who perpetrate this type of inappropriate behavior may find ways to continue to do so despite current circumstances.

One-on-one video conferences could set up the opportunity for sexual harassment online. Additionally, industries and job fields that are rapidly hiring people to meet current demands, such as health care, shipping and grocery stores, may not be able to properly train and monitor employees. This may be a problem thanks to overwhelming demands and the influx of new employees. 

Regardless of how companies are operating, the need for vigilance and proper response to workplace sexual harassment is crucial. Whether Florida employers are hiring new people or having staff work from home, it is still essential to enforce company policies and protect workers from inappropriate conduct. If an employee believes he or she is the victim of sexual harassment, it is appropriate to speak out, notify the appropriate parties and explore the possibility of moving forward with legal action.