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Sick employees may face disability discrimination

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Florida employees who are able to do their jobs should be allowed to do so, even if those employees have certain types of medical conditions. Disability discrimination comes in many forms, and for some, it can happen after they take time off for medical treatment or to recover after an illness. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination can lead to termination, and fired employees may not realize that what they experienced is unlawful treatment from their employers.

An example of this is an employee who worked at an airport in cargo handling services. After experiencing a heart aneurysm, he spent around six weeks away from work as he recovered in a hospital and rehabilitation center. He had medical records to verify his need for additional medical leave, and eventually, doctors ordered him to avoid lifting anything over 20 pounds. At this point, his employer assured him that his job was safe, but that he was now on personal leave instead of medical leave.

His job rarely requires him to lift objects more than 15 pounds, making it reasonable to assume that his medical condition should not preclude him from doing his job. However, his employer told him that the company no longer had a job for him. He believes his termination was the result of discrimination against him because of his physical limitations and the time he needed away from work for recovery.

Disability discrimination is unacceptable in any form. If a Florida employee believes he or she experienced this type of treatment in the workplace, it is appropriate to pursue legal recourse. A civil claim against the employer may be a way a victim can seek justice and put an end to the mistreatment.