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Unwanted contact and forms of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

A Florida employee should be able to go to work and do his or her job without fear of harassment or inappropriate treatment. Despite both federal and state laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace, it still happens. Through unwanted contact, physical touch and verbal comments, a victim can suffer emotional, mental and physical harm. It the duty of employers to address concerns over these matter promptly and appropriately.

Those who experience sexual harassment in their place of work may seem unsure of what they should do. They may feel ashamed, and they may not be certain that anyone will believe them. It is also possible a victim may fear repercussions from the employer or perpetrator if he or she speaks out about what is happening. As a result, a harassed employee may endure this type of treatment in silence for an extended amount of time.

One misconception about sexual harassment is that it is always physical. In many cases, sexual harassment involves inappropriate comments of a sexual nature. It can also include sending or circulating pornographic images, receiving suggestive remarks, getting lewd messages from a co-worker or supervisor, or receiving inappropriate questions about a workers’ personal life. Sexual harassment can take many forms, and they are certainly unacceptable in a professional setting.

If a Florida employee believes he or she is the victim of sexual harassment at work because of unwanted contact or other reasons, it is appropriate to speak out. Being subjected to this type of treatment could be grounds for a civil claim. Through this process, it may be possible to hold employers and other responsible parties accountable.