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McDonald’s employees allege sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Two women who work for McDonald’s restaurants in Florida claim they experienced inappropriate and illegal treatment in the workplace. They filed a lawsuit against the famous fast-food chain, saying they and other women experienced widespread sexual harassment at work. They say they were groped, verbally harassed and forced to work in a hostile environment. The two women who filed the lawsuit worked at a location in Sanford, Florida.

The lawsuit intends to represent a class of female employees who worked at McDonald’s locations across the country. They are pursuing $500 million in damages from the company. According to the details of the lawsuit, the management at the Sanford location knew that sexual harassment was taking place, but they did not take any steps to stop it from happening. One claimant says she was fired because she reported both physical and verbal sexual harassment.

The fast-food company released a statement in response to the allegations made in the lawsuit. The company states that it is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of all employees and preventing sexual harassment at all locations. The claimants say the corporate leadership and management at individual locations don’t do enough.

Sexual harassment at work is unacceptable, whether it takes place in a Florida fast-food restaurant or a corporate office. Individuals who experience this treatment have the right to seek recourse through a civil claim filed against their employer. A victim does not have to suffer from this type of mistreatment in silence, but he or she has the right to speak out and explore the legal options available.