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Teen accuses former employer of racial discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

For workers in Florida and throughout the United States, racial discrimination can come in many forms. When it happens at work, it is often categorized as between employer and employee. However, as one recent incident shows, it can also occur when customers behave in a discriminatory fashion. In certain instances, there is a combination that leads to workers losing their jobs.

A former worker at the Olive Garden restaurant has filed a lawsuit after making allegations that she was subjected to a hostile work environment and discrimination. The 16-year-old female quit her job as a host because of the apparent mistreatment. The series of incidents began when a customer did not want the black teen to take part in serving her, saying she preferred a white server. The restaurant manager acquiesced.

Other customers who were asked verified what had occurred. They say that it is common for people in the area to make similar requests that were granted. The teen said that the incident sparked retaliation by co-workers and restaurant management. Co-workers had made derogatory comments about black people in general and the teen personally.

Her legal representatives are preparing to move forward with litigation. The community has been supportive of her during the aftermath of this series of incidents. Whether there are overt or nuanced acts of discrimination, retaliation, racial profiling or other acts that constitute a violation of civil rights, it is wise to understand how to be compensated. These acts can happen during the hiring process, while the person is on the job or after a dismissal. For assistance in filing a claim, Boca Raton, Florida, workplace racial discrimination legal assistance might be needed.