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Pursuing a wrongful termination claim against an employer

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Wrongful Termination

When an employee loses a job without a valid reason, for illegal reasons or because he or she chose to do the right thing, it can be devastating. Wrongful termination is illegal and reprehensible, and it can be grounds for a civil claim against a Florida employer. This type of firing often happens for reasons connected to discrimination, harassment or retaliation. 

An employer has the right to fire a worker when there are valid grounds to do so. An employee may not be certain if what he or she experienced counts as wrongful termination, but it may count if the worker believes this action was a form of discrimination on the basis of skin color, gender, age or other factors. It also counts as wrongful termination if the worker was fired after reporting sexual harassment, filing a workers’ compensation claim or reporting the employer for any type of wrongdoing.

Florida is an at-will employment state, which means employers can terminate workers for a variety of reasons. An assessment of a terminated employee’s situation can determine if what happened was illegal or within the rights of the employer. If there are indications of wrongful termination, it could be grounds to move forward with a civil claim.

Speaking out about wrongful termination can be intimidating. A Florida employee may not be certain about what counts as an illegal firing and what can be done to hold the employer accountable. Employment law cases can be complex, which is why it is useful to speak with an attorney who can explain the law and provide guidance regarding the best way forward.