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Political columnist accuses TV host of unwanted sexual advances

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

In Florida and across the nation, steps to prevent sexual harassment at work has ramped up in recent years. Still, despite increased vigilance, there are instances where people continue to behave in certain ways that might have been allowed to slide in years past, but now constitute a viable foundation for a legal filing to be compensated. One such case involves a prominent political commentator.

Controversy has surrounded MSNBC host Chris Matthews for his sexist comments. A columnist wrote that Mr. Matthews subjected her to sexual harassment in 2016. She had written about this the year after it allegedly occurred, but omitted his identity. The woman said Mr. Matthews made inappropriate statements to her prior to her guest appearance on the network.

He is accused of asking her why he had not yet fallen in love with her. She laughed awkwardly, but he persisted with the unwanted attention. She also told a separate story about Mr. Matthews in which he behaved similarly. Another guest from Mr. Matthews’ show told the woman that she too had been subjected to inappropriate comments from him. These stories are being revealed simultaneously to MSNBC and Mr. Matthews receiving heavy criticism for perceived sexism during interviews with female presidential candidates.

There were calls for Mr. Matthews to be fired prior to his sudden resignation. Victims of workplace harassment of any kind might be reluctant to speak out due to fears as to how it might impact their employment. This is true even with a greater number of people telling stories as to how they have been mistreated. When facing perceived workplace violations, it is important to understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to address it. A firm experienced in providing Boca Raton, Florida sexual harassment legal assistance may be able to help.