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How contracting companies can prevent sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

One of the most important roles of an employer is to protect the rights and interests of the employees. This means reducing physical hazards that could cause them harm, but also making sure they don’t experience mistreatment while at work. Sexual harassment in the workplace is not only illegal and unacceptable, it can also cause emotional and mental duress. There are steps Florida contracting businesses can take to train workers on how to recognize, prevent and avoid this type of behavior.

An important step in preventing sexual harassment in a workplace is to adhere to state and federal standards and suggested actions, such as requiring all employees to undergo harassment training. In contracting, there are unique work environments, and harassment training should account for this. By custom-tailoring this, it will lead a greater awareness of the various forms of harassment and increase vigilance for the men and women who work in this field. 

Training can also implement technology in various ways, such as allowing employees to do their training online based around their unique schedules. Raising awareness in this type of workplace should also include teaching employees how to act if they witness harassment and what they should do to report it if they are a victim. Harassment often goes unaddressed because both the victims and witnesses are unsure of how to proceed.

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in many workplaces. By addressing the issue head-on and providing the right type of training, Florida contracting businesses can protect their workers from experiencing this type of mistreatment in the workplace. If an employee does experience sexual harassment, that individual has the right to take legal action to hold responsible parties fully accountable.