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Experiencing harassment or discrimination due to a disability?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Disabled individuals often are able to live normal and fulfilling lives, including working in various types of employment. In fact, your condition does not affect your ability to do your job well and contribute to your team. Despite this, you may still experience some types of harassment or discrimination at work because of your disability or accommodations you may need.

The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it illegal to treat an employee unfairly, either through discrimination or harassment, simply because of his or her disability. You have the right to work in a place that is free from unacceptable treatment and have the right to speak up if you do experience it while at work. If you are a victim, you could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim.

What does disability harassment or discrimination look like?

Workplace harassment can come in many forms. It can take place at any stage in the employment process, including hiring, firing, determining promotions, job assignments, layoffs, training and more. You may not be sure that what you are experiencing is actually harassment or not. Some examples of this type of treatment include:

  • You are frequently the center of jokes that are cruel and offensive.
  • Your employer refuses to provide reasonable accommodations necessary for you to work with your disability.
  • You did not get a promotion you deserved and earned with your work record.
  • You frequently receive treatment that is different from your co-workers.
  • You feel that your work environment is hostile toward you because of your disability.

These are only a few examples of the ways you may experience disability discrimination or harassment in the workplace. It’s not always easy to discern exactly what’s happening in your situation, which is why you may want to seek guidance if you have concerns. An assessment of your case can help you determine if you are a victim.

What can you do?

If you are the victim of discrimination or harassment because of your disabling medical condition, you do not have to suffer in silence. The civil justice system provides a way for you to hold your employer accountable for the treatment you received.

Harassment and discrimination on the basis of a person’s disability are unacceptable. If you believe you may have a case, it may help to start by first seeking a complete evaluation of your circumstances with an experienced Florida employment law attorney.