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Black workers at all levels troubled by race discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Black workers in Florida continue to struggle with racial discrimination at work, from entry-level employees to skilled professionals. At the same time, an employee’s perception of certain types of racism can be affected by their position in the company. Black workers may face significant disadvantages due to racial bias, from prejudice interfering with hiring, promotion or termination to exclusion from key social networks critical to career expansion. According to one study of black employees in the medical industry, high-ranking executives and physicians were more likely to focus on institutional forms of discrimination when addressing racism on the job.

Black medical doctors were most concerned about overall discrimination in hiring as well as educational disparities. On the other hand, black nurses were also highly troubled by hiring disparities negatively affecting black workers overall. They also reported serious concerns with individualized discrimination from supervisors on the job, including hearing racist comments or being directed to less prestigious tasks. On the other hand, black medical technicians mostly noted examples of individualized discrimination on the job, including bias in terms of menial tasks, racist comments or scrutiny of their appearance. Because they were ranked lower in the hierarchy of their respective employers, they had fewer opportunities to gain an overall perspective of how racial discrimination affected the entire organization.

At the same time, they were far more likely to be exposed to personalized discriminatory behavior from supervisors than doctors, who ranked near the top of company hierarchies. However, despite their level of achievement and success, black medical professionals continued to report serious concerns over racial discrimination.

Racial discrimination at work is unlawful, but too many employees find their careers held back due to racism and bias. An employment law attorney may provide employees with Boca Raton, Florida, workplace racial discrimination legal assistance to help them protect their rights.