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Times Up publishes resource guide for actors

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Many people in Florida have heard about the Times Up movement in Hollywood. Times Up Entertainment is a group that works to draw attention to sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. On Jan. 3, Times Up released a resource guide on sexual harassment that is especially geared toward helping actors who are auditioning for movies and filming scenes.

Times Up says that two of the most vulnerable work environments in the film industry are auditions and simulated sex scenes. The possibility of sexual misconduct taking place in either of these settings is high. According to the guide, actors filming sex scenes have been filmed on crew smartphones without their approval, and they have been given directions to perform actual sex acts. During auditions, actors can be vulnerable to sexual predators who use their positions of power to violate their rights.

According to the Times Up guide, an actor can mitigate risks by refusing to audition in high-risk locations, like private residences or hotel rooms. The guide also reminds actors to be aware of their rights during sex scenes. Under the SAG-AFTRA Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment, actors should give prior written consent before performing a nude or simulated sex scene. The set is also supposed to be closed to anyone without a business purpose to be there.

Though a film set is an unusual work environment, employees working there still have the same rights to be protected from sexual harassment. An actor who was a victim of wrongful termination due to sexual harassment may want to seek South Florida sexual harassment legal assistance. If the termination resulted in lost wages, an attorney may be able to help the actor claim the lost wages and other damages.