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Racial discrimination still a big problem in US workplaces

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Racial Discrimination At Work

There has been increased attention to workplace discrimination and other forms of on-the-job mistreatment in Florida and across the nation. Still, these issues have not stopped with that focus. For people who have been confronted with workplace discrimination, it’s important to know how to address the problem.

A study from Glassdoor claims that approximately one-third of working adults have either been discriminated against themselves or witnessed it happening to others. As part of the research, more than 5,000 employees in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France were surveyed. Just over 31% stated they were either victimized or saw another employee facing racial discrimination. One-quarter said the same in regard to sexual orientation.

Just over 60% of members of the LGBTQ community were discriminated against in the U.S. By contrast, 55% in the U.K. said the same. In France, it was 43%. Germany had the fewest at 37%. Males were subjected to racial discrimination far more often than women at 31% to 19%. With age groups, millennials had two times the frequency of prejudicial treatment when compared to people older than 55. Just over 42% of millennials said they were discriminated against or saw discrimination due to race. It was much less for Generation X and baby boomers.

Someone who has been negatively impacted at work because of discrimination may want to reach out to an attorney. Although sexual harassment on the job has come to the forefront, other forms of discrimination should not be ignored. Legal counsel could help a victim file a claim for damages.