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Manager clashes with attorney while testifying

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2019 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Business owners in Florida and throughout the country are typically barred from taking actions that could be interpreted as racial discrimination. One man who worked for Founders Brewing in Detroit claimed in a lawsuit that the company had an overtly racist culture. He claimed that others within the organization used blatantly racist language on multiple occasions. However, a manager for the company refused to acknowledge that the employee who filed the suit was black.

An attorney for the company said that the lawsuit was without merit and that the manager’s testimony was not necessarily noteworthy. The attorney also said that the plaintiff had testified under oath that this individual was not a racist. In the lawsuit itself, the plaintiff claimed that others had used racial slurs toward him and that there were separate printers for white and black employees.

The plaintiff’s attorney provided two affidavits from other company employees who said that a colleague made racist remarks but was not disciplined for doing so. Those witnesses also said that the man was terminated after saying that he was complaining to HR about the incident. The plaintiff in the case worked as a production facility employee from 2014 to 2017. He then worked as a manager in the taproom until his termination in 2018.

The use of Boca Raton, Florida,workplace racial discrimination legal assistance may make it easier to obtain a favorable outcome in an employment law case. An attorney may be able to obtain evidence in the matter such as statements from witnesses who heard racist comments or jokes. If a worker is fired after filing a discrimination complaint, that may be used as evidence of wrongful termination. Workers who are victims of discrimination may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and other damages.