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How to get employees to speak up

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

It has been traditionally seen as difficult for Florida employees to speak out against inappropriate behavior at work. However, companies are increasingly likely to want their people to point out instances of theft, harassment or other bad acts in the workplace. Of course, it can be difficult for employees to feel confident in addressing what they have seen or experienced to their superiors. One way to overcome that is to have employees report abusive behavior in groups.

While an individual may be nervous about calling out a colleague, it may be easier when that person has the support of fellow workers. Bystander intervention training may be an effective tool to help employees learn how to intervene when someone is being bullied or harassed. Companies can do their part by establishing a workplace culture that encourages people to speak up when they see something that doesn’t look or feel right.

Ideally, managers and other leaders will make themselves available to their workers whenever possible. Managers who notice changes in productivity or morale should take a closer look to see what is causing these issues.

Workers in Boca Raton, Florida, generally have the right to report abusive behavior without fear of being retaliated against by their employers. Those who are being harassed at work may be entitled to compensation from the companies that they work for, and the same may be true if they are retaliated against for making claims. An attorney may be able to assist a worker in reaching a settlement or obtaining a favorable outcome in a trial.