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Research provides insight into the aftermath of MeToo

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

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A study that was just recently released found that some men in Florida and throughout the country are more hesitant to work with woman. The research was conducted by the University of Houston during 2018, which was the peak of MeToo awareness. Survey participants were also questioned in 2019 after the movement somewhat faded out of the public spotlight. Of men who took part in the survey, 27% said that they don’t meet alone with female colleagues.

Furthermore, 19% said that they would think twice about hiring a woman who they thought was physically attractive. However, the study did find that both men and women had a good idea as to what constituted harassment in the workplace. Examples of harassment used in the study included sending sexual jokes to females colleagues or repeatedly asking them out on dates. The study’s results may undermine a claim made by some men that they associate less with women at work because they don’t want to inadvertently harass someone.

The study’s author also said that women are more likely to take a more lenient stance toward sexual harassment as opposed to making frivolous claims against men. According to the researchers, employers should focus less on defining sexual harassment and more on teaching their workers what sexism looks like.

Individuals who have been treated improperly at work may want to seek Boca Raton, Florida sexual harassment legal assistance. Doing so may make it possible to obtain compensation from an employer either through a settlement or a lawsuit. In addition to a financial award, a company might be required to update its hiring, promotion or other corporate policies. This may minimize the chances that an individual is victimized in the future or that other workers experience harassment while on the job.