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Reality TV star sues over sexual harassment at EMT job

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Reality TV fans in Florida might remember Angelina Pivarnick on “Jersey Shore.” She appeared on the show in 2009 and 2010 before returning in 2018 to film revival episodes. In her life outside the television show, she works as an emergency medical technician for the New York City Fire Department’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. On Sept. 16, she filed a lawsuit against the city for allegedly being sexually harassed by two male lieutenants working at the department.

Her lawsuit outlines multiple incidents that included unwelcome sexual advances, lewd sexual comments, invasive questions about her sex life and physical groping. Pivarnick accuses one lieutenant of sending her text messages about her body. He also grabbed her in a parking lot by their workplace, squeezing her buttocks and touching her vaginal area. She said that she told him firmly to never touch her.

Court filings described the other lieutenant as frequently asking her about her sexual partners in front of co-workers. He wanted to know how many men on “Jersey Shore” she had been involved with.

According to the lawsuit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Office reportedly found credible and corroborating evidence that both men sexually harassed her. The city has not provided a public response to the lawsuit. Pivarnick hopes to present her case to a jury.

Someone who has experienced sexual harassment at work may want to reach out to a lawyer. An attorney might organize the evidence and approach the employer on the victim’s behalf. During negotiations or litigation regarding the matter, an attorney could strive to protect the client’s rights and seek a fair resolution.