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How the ADA protects employee rights

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 makes it illegal for most employers to discriminate against qualified workers who are disabled. Furthermore, it is also illegal for employers to retaliate against a person for taking action to defend their rights under the ADA. Individuals who work for private employers with 15 or more employees can file disability discrimination charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Those who work for a government organization can file a complaint with the Department of Justice.

To qualify for protection under the ADA, an employee must have a significant impairment that substantially limits a life activity. For instance, those who have trouble hearing, speaking or writing could be covered by this legislation. Employees may be covered if an employer thinks that a person is disabled whether or not this is the case. If an employer obtains medical information about an employee, it must be kept confidential.

Reasonable accommodations that an employer is required to provide could include a flexible work schedule, the use of an interpreter or modifying equipment to make it easier to use. It may also be possible for employers to modify corporate policies or training programs to reasonably accommodate a person who is disabled but qualified for a position.

Seeking out Boca Raton workplace disability discrimination law firm help could make it easier to pursue a discrimination case. Employers may be required to provide compensation to victims of discrimination or take other steps to prevent future ADA or other violations from taking place. Legal counsel may use a worker’s resume or other evidence to show that he or she was denied a job despite meeting the criteria to obtain it.