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Games company settles sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Women workers in a wide range of industries continue to deal with harassment and discrimination on the job in Florida and other states. Riot Games, the developer of the widely popular “League of Legends,” recently settled a class-action lawsuit that had been brought by workers who said they were subject to sex discrimination in the workplace. The lawsuit, brought in November 2018, also alleged that the company violated California’s Equal Pay Act. It was filed after a journalist’s report highlighted instances of sexist culture and mistreatment of female employees at the company. Several current and former workers spoke to journalists about problems at the games manufacturer.

Details of the settlement were not released. It awaits final approval from the court hearing the case. In a statement, the company’s CEO said that he believed that a fair resolution had been reached and that it was important for the company to move forward and work to be “the most inclusive company in gaming.” Lawyers representing the women workers also said that their clients would receive a meaningful settlement and that the company was showing progress in combating discrimination and sexual harassment. Several other lawsuits have been filed against the games developer, and other employees walked out after the company tried to force those women to accept arbitration.

Forced arbitration has become a major issue in the tech industry, especially in cases related to gender discrimination, sexual harassment or assault. Workers and their advocates say that mistreated employees are not just denied a fair hearing in a neutral court but also that sexual abusers are protected.

Many workers in the tech industry continue to suffer from discrimination or inappropriate sexual advances and conduct in the workplace. A mistreated employee may want to speak with an attorney who could help them pursue justice and accountability.