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Actress quits “The Rookie” over sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Florida fans of the ABC crime series “The Rookie” might be concerned to learn that actress Afton Williamson has announced that she’s leaving the show due to the sexual harassment and racial discrimination she allegedly experienced on the show’s Los Angeles set while filming the first season. She made the announcement in an Instagram post on Aug. 4.

According to her post, Williamson, who is black, was subjected to racial discrimination and inappropriate race-related comments from members of the show’s hair department while filming the pilot episode. She also claims that a recurring guest star on the series sexually harassed her and that the executive producers bullied her. She further contends that she was sexually assaulted by one of the show’s crew members at a wrap party.

Williamson says she reported the sexual harassment to the show’s executive producer, but her claims weren’t properly investigated. She also says she was promised the guest actor involved in the sexual harassment incidents would be fired, but he wasn’t. In fact, she was asked to film with him the following day as a “courtesy to the script.” In a statement issued to the press, ABC Studios said “The Rookie”is produced by Entertainment One, known as eOne, and that company will be taking the lead in the investigation of Williamson’s claims. Meanwhile, eOne issued a statement saying it is launching an independent investigation.

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