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Dell employees say discrimination harmed their careers

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination

Those who are transgender or otherwise don’t conform to gender stereotypes may face discrimination in the workplace. However, employers in Florida may face limited consequences for doing so. This is because there is no federal law that prohibits them from harassing employees or making employment decisions based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. According to the Justice Department, current anti-discrimination laws do not apply in these cases.

However, many large corporations have asked the Supreme Court to extend protections to transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. One former Dell employee said that colleagues would harass her for dressing like a man and eventually taking hormones to become more masculine. She said that her appearance caused to remain in a training program for three years while others advanced in their careers. Another employee said that she was terminated while transitioning from male to female.

The company allegedly told her that she was being terminated because the transition was making it hard for her to travel. Dell claims that she lost her job because of restructuring as opposed to her decision to change from male to female. It is worth noting that other transgender employees who work for the company say that Dell accommodated their transition and that they consider Dell to be an inclusive organization.

Workers who feel that they were terminated, demoted or denied other opportunities because of certain characteristics may wish to hold their employers accountable. Obtaining Boca Raton, Florida, LGBT workplace discrimination assistance may make it easier to obtain a favorable outcome in settlement talks or a lawsuit. Comments from managers or other employees may be used as evidence in a discrimination case.