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What to know about disabilities at work

On Behalf of | May 18, 2019 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Roughly 30% of all employees who have a college education have a disability according to the Center for Talent Innovation. However, only 3.2% of workers actually identify themselves as disabled according to a study from the National Organization on Disability. Many Florida workers who are disabled have what is referred to as an invisible disability. This means that an individual looks healthy but could actually be experiencing a migraine or some other ailment.

Some workers have said that they face discrimination as a result of their disability. For instance, they say that their disability makes it appear as if they don’t know how to do their jobs or how to do them in a timely manner. When employers don’t know the extent of a worker’s disability, they are unable to make adjustments. For people who have migraines, a simple adjustment to the lighting at their desk can alleviate their symptoms.

Individuals who have a disability tend to want to move ahead in their careers. However, they feel as if their disabilities are holding them back. Younger workers are more likely than older ones to be diagnosed with a disability. This is partially because certain conditions like autism and depression are better understood compared to past decades. Therefore, they are ore likely to be spotted in a younger individual.

People are generally entitled to reasonable accommodations at work if they have a disability. If those accommodations aren’t made, it may be a violation of state or federa law. Those who are demoted or terminated because of their disability may also wish to take action against their employers with the assistance of an attorney.