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Jury awards $11.1 million in sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Florida employees who have faced sexual harassment in the workplace may be able to file a lawsuit against their employers if their harassment claims are not adequately addressed. This was the case with a former employee of the company Hologram USA, which produces holograms of deceased celebrities.

The woman who brought the claim said that the company owner made her view pornography and put his hands on her legs. She also said that for one colleague’s birthday, the owner had a male stripper visit the workplace. The complaint said she was fired when she turned down the owner’s advances.

The owner called the woman’s attorney a liar, but the jury sided with the employee. According to the jury’s decision, the company either knew or should have known about the harassment and failed to act. Furthermore, the jury found she had been wrongfully terminated. She was awarded $11.1 million in damages. Punitive damages of $8 million were against the owner. He plans to appeal the decision, but he has another trial ahead based on another employee’s claim of sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

People who are dealing with sexual harassment at work may want to contact Boca Raton, Florida sexual harassment legal assistance. An attorney may be able to advise an employee as to what might be considered sexual harassment and how to proceed. The attorney might advise documenting the incidents and following up with a complaint through the channels provided by the company. If the company does not conduct an investigation, conducts an unsatisfactory investigation or retaliates against the employee in some way, it may be necessary to escalate the situation. The employee might choose to file a lawsuit against the company.

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