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Harassment claims increase in the #MeToo era

In 2018, the number of workplace discrimination complaints was down 9.3% compared to 2017. However, the number of sexual harassment complaints increased by 13.6% in that same time period. The increase in complaints is partially fueled by a willingness for employees in Florida and elsewhere to speak up in the wake of the #MeToo movement. While many of the complaints have been made by female employees, this is not always the case.

An increasing number of those who have spoken up about harassment at work have faced retaliation from their employers. One woman said that she was fired about a week after making a claim against one of the company’s investors. The woman was required to sign a nondisclosure agreement as a condition of receiving her final paycheck.

Some say that the solution to curbing sexual harassment at work is to give more power to employees. Employees in service industries may feel more empowered to speak up if they are given a standard minimum wage instead of relying on tips. Putting an end to forced arbitration in sexual harassment cases may also provide workers with the confidence to call out issues at work. Other steps may include encouraging people to speak out about the issue of sexual harassment as well as encouraging unions to do more to protect their members.

Boca Raton, Florida, sexual harassment legal assistance may help those who have been the victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may include unwanted touching, crude jokes or other actions that make a worker feel uncomfortable because of his or her gender. Legal counsel may help a worker pursue legal action against an employer. Action might include private settlement talks, filing a complaint with the EEOC or filing a lawsuit.


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