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Google payouts to accused harassers spark outrage

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

A payout received by one Google executive has sparked outrage in Florida and across the country about the continuing problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. A former executive at the technology giant received $35 million in his severance package even though he was allegedly forced to resign after an investigation into sexual assault accusations. The total of his exit package was revealed as part of an ongoing shareholder lawsuit targeting the company’s practice of paying large severance amounts to high-ranking executives accused of sexual harassment or assault.

The lawsuit alleges that these kinds of payouts put the company at risk of damage to its reputation and, thus, financial damage. By paying large sums to male executives accused of sexual harassment, the lawsuit alleges that the board of Google parent company Alphabet did not protect the best interests of the company as a whole. The suit also claims that some officers and directors of the company were involved in a scheme to cover up ongoing sexual harassment problems.

The information about the $35 million payout comes after a New York Times investigation earlier revealed that another Google executive had been paid $90 million in his own exit package. This payout came after the company decided that allegations of sexual assault against the man were credible. The allegations against the other executive were also considered credible by the company. He later left his next position after five weeks, and media reports indicate that this is linked to a failure to disclose his prior sexual harassment incident.

Sexual harassment continues to be a serious problem in many industries, including prominent corporations and advanced tech firms. Employees who have been subject to unwanted sexual advances at work may want to consult with a lawyer for South Florida sexual harassment legal assistance to pursue justice.

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