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Lawsuit accuses Google executives of ignoring harassment

The #MeToo movement has drawn attention to ongoing issues with sexual harassment and assault in a range of industries in Florida and across the country. While the resulting employee protests and media coverage have led to some policy changes, many say that not enough has been done to put a stop to on-the-job harassment. In a lawsuit filed on Jan. 10, a shareholder with Alphabet, Google’s parent company, accused the tech giant’s executives of ignoring problems with harassment.

The lawyers who filed the complaint said that records from the company’s board of directors meetings indicate that top executives covered up serious sexual harassment problems. In some cases, people involved in sexual misconduct received significant bonuses or other large sums, even after leaving the company. In one such case, the former head of the Android operating system was paid $90 million in severance despite allegedly credible sexual harassment allegations against him. The legal team involved in the case held a press conference to discuss the allegations. It is seeking changes in Google’s corporate structure to loosen control over the board by powerful executives.

Women in technology continue to face serious problems with workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Google itself has been urged to change some of its policies, including mandatory arbitration clauses, in relation to sexual assault or harassment allegations. The proposed changes followed public statements by current and former employees at Google and other technology companies about ongoing problems with gender discrimination.

When workers face discrimination or harassment on the job, they may hesitate to take action because they are concerned about preserving their jobs. Legal counsel can help workers affected by workplace harassment to protect their rights and seek justice and accountability.


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