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Gaming employee speaks out against racial bias

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2019 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Employees who have experienced racial discrimination on the job in Florida could take legal action. However, finding justice could be a difficult process. Recently, one employee of Blizzard spoke out regarding the ongoing discrimination he experienced after he was hired on for a full-time position with the popular gaming company in 2016. The employee, a Mexican-American male, claims he was routinely singled out by a white female coworker due to his racial background.

The employee recounts that after successfully completing a temporary assignment for Blizzard, he was hired to a permanent position where he worked closely with two other employees. One of his coworkers, a white female, often commented on his Mexican heritage and accused him of harboring sexist attitudes due to his heritage. The alleged racial discrimination the employee experienced escalated over time as his white female coworker shared with others in the company her belief that he was sexist. Other employees began accusing the employee of sexism and his relationships with them became strained. When the employee attempted to dispute his coworkers’ claims, his harassers would lash out at him intensely.

The employee revealed that he suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and depression as a result of the racial discrimination he experienced on the job. At one point, the effects of the discrimination were so unbearable that he suffered a nervous breakdown and contemplated hanging himself. The employee eventually filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for racial discrimination and resigned from his position with Blizzard.

An employee who has been subjected to a hostile working environment due to racial discrimination may wish to seek an experienced employment attorney to assist in taking legal action. If successful, a plaintiff may be entitled to one or more different types of relief, including reinstatement, financial compensation and punitive damages.