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Facing sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2019 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Unfortunately, many Florida workers continue to face a range of harassment problems on the job. Even some of the country’s most well-regarded employers have seen serious issues with sexual harassment come to the forefront. For example, Google staff members engaged in a global walkout to protest the lack of attention paid to harassment and discrimination, especially that directed against female employees. Some types of harassment are more severe and obvious, especially to outside observers, while other types of unacceptable behavior may often go unnoticed.

In addition, workplace harassment can encompass unacceptable and even illegal behaviors that may not reflect a typical view of sexual harassment. Because people often fear retaliation or losing their jobs altogether, many cases of sexual harassment are never reported to employers. In other cases, even workers who file a report find that the incident does not move further up through the system or is misunderstood as a simple interpersonal problem. Harassment can be manifested through unwanted touching, groping and propositions, but it can also take place by sharing offensive graphics or gestures.

Employees subjected to harassment at work can suffer serious mental health impacts as a result, and it can essentially force people from their jobs. Despite the fact that harassment can be a major problem, many workers rightly fear that they will be dismissed as oversensitive if they attempt to pursue a complaint against the unwanted behavior.

Even large, popular employers may be haunted by serious problems with sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Workers who are dealing with unwanted sexual behavior or bullying at work can turn to an attorney for legal assistance. A lawyer could help determine the best ways to move forward.