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How employment contracts may limit employee rights

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2018 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Employees in Florida and throughout the country may be unable to tell their stories of sexual harassment in the workplace. This is because many employment contracts require workers to take their cases to arbitration. Once an arbitration case is resolved, there is no chance to appeal the decision to a higher court or any other body. Employers may also have the right to keep information away from employees prior to an arbitration hearing.

However, some employment lawyers believe that the arbitration process is better than having a case go to court. One suggested that arbitration may be best because the arbitrator will allow both sides to present their case. This person said that if the matter went to court, there is a chance that a judge could dismiss it. Despite this opinion, lawmakers are considering ways to potentially eliminate such agreements as they relate to sexual harassment cases.

If an individual is subject to sexually suggestive jokes or comments while at work, it could constitute sexual harassment. If an individual receives worse work hours or other negative consequences for failing to agree to provide sexual favors, that could also be sexual harassment. Those who have been victims of such conduct on the job may benefit from speaking with an attorney in Boca Raton, Florida. Sexual harassment legal assistance may make it possible to learn more about possible recourse such as filing a charge with the EEOC or filing a lawsuit.

In the event that an individual is subject to an arbitration agreement, an attorney may help an individual prepare for it. It may also be possible for an attorney to take steps to challenge the agreement or get an employer to drop it voluntarily. This may provide leverage to reach a favorable settlement or other resolution to the case.