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CBS gives anti-harassment grants after CEO scandal

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Many people in Florida regularly watch CBS television programs, but the developing scandals surrounding sexual harassment at the network have also attracted significant public attention. The network’s former chairman and CEO, Les Moonves, was dismissed in September 2018 after journalists revealed allegations from 12 different women about sexual harassment on the job, including groping, forced sexual encounters and retaliation if they complained about or resisted the unwanted sexual behavior.

The network pledged $20 million in grants to 18 organizations that work to fight workplace sexual harassment after the Moonves allegations came to light, saying that the funds would strengthen the organizations’ work as well as bolstering CBS’ workplace culture. The funds for the grants are coming from money set aside for Moonves’ severance package. So far, the network has refused to pay the remaining $120 million in severance, saying that he was fired for cause. A full investigation into the former CEO’s conduct is ongoing with results expected in January.

In a statement, the 18 organizations, including workers’ groups and anti-rape advocates, thanked CBS and urged the network to fully disclose the outcome of the investigation into Moonves’ behavior. The Moonves case is not the only sexual harassment issue to implicate the network. Actress Eliza Dushku received a $9.5 million confidential settlement in a sexual harassment case concerning the behavior of the star of the CBS drama “Bull,” Michael Weatherly. Dushku said that she was written off the show after she complained about Weatherly’s unwelcome sexual comments.

Sexual harassment on the job continues to be a serious problem in a range of industries far from the entertainment world, and victims may find their careers stymied as a result of retaliation. People who have been harassed at work can seek South Florida sexual harassment legal assistance to take action and pursue justice.

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