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Sexual harassment coming to light after #MeToo movement

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Sexual Harassment At Work

The #MeToo movement has been able to generate a large amount of discussion across the nation, including in Florida. As a result of the movement, many companies are coming under fire for allowing sexual harassment to continue for years. Nike is just one company where employees have reported incidents of sexual harassment and gender discrimination that was allowed to continue without resolution.

Female employees who worked at the company reportedly took a survey about sexual harassment or gender discrimination that employees may have experienced. As a result, six of the company’s top executives left. When interviewed, some of the employees talked about inappropriate emails and discussions that were had over a number of years. Some also noted that staff meetings occasionally ended up at strip clubs. Human resources reportedly failed to make any attempts to resolve the situation, and no managers were ever terminated.

Depending on the study, 25 to 40 percent of the representative samples have experienced sexual harassment or gender discrimination in the workplace at some point. Further, 60 percent of the representative samples said that they experienced hostile behaviors or comments from others due to their gender. While the #MeToo movement has instigated discussions and awareness surrounding sexual harassment, companies could improve their workplace culture for all employees by improving their anti-discrimination policies.

Many people who experience sexual harassment at work may not report the incidents due to the fear of being terminated. Others who do make reports may be punished for bringing the sexual harassment to light. If an employee takes the steps to report the sexual harassment to his or her employers and is either punished, or the employer fails to resolve the situation, he or she could seek South Florida sexual harassment legal assistance. An attorney may assist someone with filing a claim against his or her employer, especially if he or she lost pay or benefits as a result of reporting the incident.