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Reporting workplace safety issues and employee rights violations

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Workplace Retaliation

Many Florida employees are unaware that they don’t have to work in hostile or hazardous environments. Some of them are so grateful for their jobs that they feel they can ignore the dangerous or abusive conditions that exist in their workplaces … until someone gets hurt. Others are so afraid of being retaliated against by their employers that they say nothing. 

Some people feel they must show up for work in conditions that are actually illegal. Instead of waiting until an unfortunate event happens, they should speak up without fear of workplace retaliation

Document all incidents 

Employees should document every offensive incident, hazardous condition and violation they see. Documentation can add credibility to their claims and establish clear patterns of employee rights abuses. 

Report problems 

Workers should familiarize themselves with their employer’s policies on workplace harassment and rights violation reporting. Any time they experience or notice a problem, they should follow the right reporting protocol and follow up with their department’s supervisor or an HR staff member. They should keep a copy of all reports for their personal records. 

Watch yourself

There are a variety of workplace issues that infringe upon employee rights. Not all of them are committed by their managers or employers. For example, some workplace harassment is perpetrated by co-workers. Their colleagues may not know they are violating someone else’s employment rights, especially if the individual who feels victimized never speaks up and says anything to stop them. 

It is imperative for workers who blow the whistle on illegal and immoral workplace activities to pay close attention to how their employers treat them. If they believe their employers are penalizing, harassing or targeting them for their actions, they should consider speaking to an attorney about their situations so they can receive guidance. An attorney can help them to protect their employability and credibility.