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Chef Mario Batali responds to sexual harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Florida residents may be interested in learning the details about celebrity chef Mario Batali’s decision to step away from his restaurant business and television show as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct. Batali has been the host of ABC’s show ‘The Chew” for several years. ABC put some distance between the company and Batali, asking him to step away from the show while the allegations made against him are reviewed.

Batali is the latest in a slew of celebrities and politicians who have been forced to or decided to resign from their employment as a result of sexual harassment claims. Batali did not deny the claims but instead issued an apology and accepted responsibility for the pain and humiliation that he caused to friends and family, peers, employers and even customers.

The sexual harassment claims against Batali cover a period that spans at least 20 years. Women have accused Batali of touching them inappropriately and groping them. Although Batali does not know the identity of all of the women who are bringing allegations against him, he admitted that the behavior these women described does match with his past conduct. Batali has been reprimanded and will undergo additional sexual harassment training.

A professional offering sexual harassment legal assistance may help an employee who has been the victim of sexual harassment in Boca Raton, Florida. The lawyer may work to prove that the sexual harassment led to a hostile work environment. In some cases, the attorney may show that the offending employer instituted a quid pro quo arrangement whereby employees who willingly comply to a sexual demand are given preferable treatment. The victim of sexual harassment might receive back pay, damages for emotional distress, awards for attorney fees and costs, or other forms of compensation.