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When patients commit sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

According to a study that was published in the journal Physical Therapy, health care workers in Florida and elsewhere are 16 times more likely to experience non-fatal violence at work than is the case with other professions. A recent survey of 900 physical therapists found that 80 percent were subject to sexual remarks or sexual assault. They also said that they experienced inappropriate touching and indecent exposure on the job.

The results of recent research show that not much has changed since the 1990s when serious research was last done into working conditions for physical therapists in the United States, Canada and Australia. According to the research done in the 1990s, those who were victims of sexual harassment said that they felt guilty, angry and anxious. Depression was also a common symptom of sexual assault on the job. In many cases, a physical therapist may not know how to handle these experiences.

This is because physical therapists have a duty of care to the patient. Therefore, they may need to balance their right to a safe workplace with their legal and ethical responsibilities to the person who is receiving treatment. A physical therapist was more likely to encounter inappropriate behavior while working with patients with brain injuries. Those who had less than five years experience directly working with patients were also more likely to experience inappropriate behavior.

Workers who have experienced sexual harassment on the job may have grounds for a lawsuit. A Boca Raton, Florida attorney will know that it doesn’t have to be a co-worker or supervisor committing the unwanted acts. Customers and clients are included as well.