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Employees talk about how racism affects them

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Florida residents are likely aware of the issues of racism, sexism and ageism in the working world. One Asian woman who worked for Google said that she felt invisible and that there were few people who looked like her at the company. She said that this was especially true among the executive ranks. An African-American woman said that she was regularly asked to show identification whereas white workers were not.

That former employee also said that she tried to speak out about diversity and inclusion at Google. However, she claims that the company pushed back against her efforts saying that it wasn’t her role to pursue those priorities. Women within the company also claimed that they didn’t see many older women within the managerial ranks of the company. This left them with the impression that there may not be a path forward for them.

The director of global diversity for Google said that the company aims to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace. That person also acknowledged that it is necessary to create an environment where people want to stay with the company. According to one report, 56 percent of Google employees are white while 69 percent of Google employees are male.

Workers in Boca Raton, Florida who believe that they have been victims of harassment may wish to consult with legal counsel. If an employer has violated the law, it may be possible to seek financial and other forms of relief. In some cases, it may be possible to be reinstated to a position lost because of wrongful termination. An attorney may be able to review evidence in a case or help to gather evidence in an effort to bolster an employee’s case and hold the employer responsible for its actions.