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Sexual harassment issues a problem at Tesla

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Many Florida residents may have their eyes focused on purchasing a Tesla vehicle. However, they may also be interested to learn that multiple women who have worked at the company allege that Tesla has a past of enabling and engaging in sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

One woman, who claimed in a lawsuit that the company fired her after she raised concerns in a published interview regarding the company’s work culture, said that she was passed over for promotions and was paid less than her male coworkers. Further, she also noted instances of blatant sexual harassment, noting that Tesla failed to do anything about the problem. Tesla responded to the interview by stating that a neutral party determined that her claims were unfounded.

Since then, allegations from other women have become public, suggesting that the company does have a sexism problem. However, it should be noted that sex discrimination is not a unique situation that Tesla is facing alone. Silicon Valley is particularly known for sexism problems potentially due to a widespread work culture that is considered to be young, hip and often an extension of college. For example, Uber has also faced allegations of sexual harassment and at least one executive has resigned as a result.

When sexual harassment and sex discrimination are rampant in a company’s culture, it can be very difficult for some employees to be as productive as possible or even feel safe while they are at work. If a worker reports an incident of sexual harassment but the company fails to do anything about it, filing a lawsuit might be advisable. An employment discrimination attorney could provide sexual harassment legal assistance for those who have been victimized by this type of behavior.