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Uber makes changes after report issued

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Many Florida employees understand just how much of a problem workplace sexual harassment can be. A former Uber engineer claimed that she was sexually harassed and that management did nothing after she reported the issue. On June 6, the company had a meeting involving all 12,000 of its employees. The meeting was to discuss the findings of an outside law firm that was hired after those specific allegation and other similar claims were made.

An investigation into more than 200 claims of sexual harassment and other complaints of misconduct at the company led to the termination of 20 employees. Some of those who were let go were senior executives . Furthermore, 40 more employees were either reprimanded or asked to receive counseling or additional training. The company also created a hotline where both current and former employees could make complaints.

Another report created by former Attorney General Eric Holder will be coming out shortly and will offer additional recommendations about what Uber can do to improve its culture. The steps that Uber takes to remedy the problem as seen as a test for how seriously both the company and the tech industry takes issues related to gender. Taking significant steps to resolve these problems may help Uber better position itself as a consumer brand.

Sexual harassment may take many forms including a hostile working environment. An attorney may be able to provide sexual harassment legal assistance to help a worker determine if his or her rights were violated. An attorney may use witness statements, digital communication from an employee or manager or employment records to determine if harassment took place.