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What to know about sexual harassment on the job

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Florida residents may have heard about sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims made at companies such as Fox News and Uber. However, other organizations such as Microsoft, Wells Fargo and KPMG have also had problems related to these issues. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, one out of three women have been sexually harassed at work. It also noted that the least likely response is for any formal action to be taken.

Roughly 75 percent of all women who have experienced harassment at work never talked to a manager or union representative about their experiences. Common reasons for not reporting abuse include a fear that claims will be doubted or that no action will be taken after they are made. However, companies that turn a blind eye to harassment claims could find that there are financial consequences to doing so.

In 2015, the EEOC recovered $164.5 million for sexual harassment victims, and in the 2016 fiscal year, another $482 million was recovered. The $482 million recovered was for victims of discrimination in both private companies and in local, state and federal government positions. In August 2016, Qualcomm settled a discrimination suit for $19 million while KPMG and Microsoft also face similar lawsuits. KPMG is facing a class action suit involving more than 1,000 people seeking compensation of $400 million.

Employees who believe that they were the victims of harassment or discrimination in the workplace may benefit from consulting with a Boca Raton, Florida attorney. An attorney may be able to collect evidence such as wage data or witness statements that bolster discrimination claims. If successful, an employee may be entitled to compensation, including back pay and punitive damages. Those who were wrongfully terminated after making harassment claims may be entitled to reinstatement to their former positions.