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Acting as a whistleblower in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 15, 2017 | Whistleblower Protection

Florida employees might have heard about whistleblowers in the news and wondered what protections could be available for them if they have observed something illegal in their workplace. Different industries have different standards and offer different protections. However, there are a few overall rules that most employees should observe.

It is best to try to resolve the issue in the workplace initially. A person should put everything in writing and avoid talking about the issue publicly, including on social media. Whistleblowers might also want to contact an attorney at this point to get a fuller understand of their rights and as protection against retaliation. There are certain types of whistleblower cases, such as “qui tam” cases, in which reporting wrongdoing to the government may also result in a reward going to the whistleblower.

People should gather evidence to support their claim. This can be complicated because while they needs to get enough documentation to prove the accusation, it is important to not get too much documentation. They may still be vulnerable to a lawsuit if they take a large quantity of information that is not relevant to the case.

What type of information it is permissible for a person to take, where the legal lines are and how vulnerable certain actions might make an employee are all the types of questions that Boca Raton, Florida, whistleblower attorneys may be able to answer. If a person has already set the process in motion and is facing retaliation at work or is unsatisfied with the response received there, consulting an attorney is still advisable.