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Miki Agrawal accused of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Some Florida residents may have heard of Miki Agrawal, the founder and former CEO of Thinx. A complaint has been filed with the New York Commission on Human Rights by a former employee that details allegations of rampant sexual harassment and abuse by Agrawal of her employees.

The complaint was filed by the company’s former head of public relations. New York Magazine published an expose in which it detailed the allegations. According to its report, the former employee described a hostile environment in which Agrawal would inappropriately touch her breasts and make comments about her body, including at industry events. While she states that she did not believe that Agrawal was hitting on her, she found it demeaning and jarring when she was inappropriately touched.

The employee also complained that Agrawal would regularly expose herself in the workplace. She alleges that Agrawal would change clothes and try out the company’s products in full view of her employees while in her glass-walled office or in the middle of the open floor plan. Agrawal also allegedly would facetime into meetings while nude in her bed or while sitting on the toilet. Agrawal has denied the allegations.

People have a right to work in an environment that is free from sexual harassment and discrimination. When workers are sexually harassed in Boca Raton, Florida, they might want to consult with experienced employment law attorneys who may help their clients with completing the complaint process according to the requirements of the law. They may help them to make certain that they do not miss statutory deadlines for filing their complaints with the appropriate agencies. Attorneys may file lawsuits in state or federal court if their clients are given leave to do so by the EEOC or the state’s corresponding agency.