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Preventing harassment and discrimination in restaurants

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Racial Discrimination At Work

People who work in the hospitality industry in Florida know that restaurant culture is often casual and carefree. While camaraderie between coworkers can be a positive thing in a restaurant, some restaurant managers get too comfortable and end up crossing the line. Restaurant workers who feel that they have been sexually harassed or discriminated against at work may choose to file lawsuits.

When a restaurant employee decides to take a harassment or discrimination case to court, their employer could suffer serious reputation damage. Even if a restaurant employee loses their case, news of the complaint could cause a restaurant to lose customers who side with the employee despite the court’s ruling. That’s why it is always in a restaurant’s best interest to take action to prevent harassment and discrimination claims.

Restaurants can guard against harassment and discrimination lawsuits by drafting workplace policies and placing them in areas where all of their employees can read them. Restaurant managers should also receive training on how to spot harassment and discrimination and prevent these negative behaviors. At interviews, restaurant employers should make sure that they are not asking job applicants illegal interview questions that could lead to discrimination.

A restaurant employee who believes that they are being harassed or discriminated against at work may want to contact a lawyer. An attorney may help the employee to make sure that they have documented the employer’s actions sufficiently so that they will have enough evidence to file a claim. If an employee has lost their job or been denied a promotion due to workplace discrimination, an attorney may help the employee to pursue a lawsuit.