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July 2016 Archives

Does the ADA cover food allergies?

Society has come a long way toward becoming more aware of food allergies. Improved food labeling and general awareness make life a little easier for those who suffer from these allergies. However, many employers need to take employee food allergies more seriously.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Florida workers may be interested to learn that approximately 33 percent of female workers between the age of 18 and 34 have experienced workplace sexual harassment. However, there are many cases where women do not report workplace harassment, which means that the numbers could potentially be higher.

Addressing sexual harassment issues in the workplace

Florida residents may be familiar with a recent sexual harassment claim made by a former female anchor against the CEO of Fox News. The woman has alleged that she was subject to inappropriate behavior by the CEO. She has also indicated that a former colleague subjected her to objectionable behavior. The company has affirmed its support for these male representatives of the network, noting that it will review the matter.

Determining workplace discrimination in Florida

In a ruling, the Sixth Circuit Court awarded a summary judgement for Ford Motor Company in a case involving a worker passed over for an apprenticeship. The man was passed over because of restrictions placed on him related to an opioid addiction. While the man claimed that he was weaning himself off of the medication, it was ruled by an independent doctor that his records were inconsistent with this claim.

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