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Florida United Parcel Service workers protest harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Hostile Work Environment

A group of employees and union teamsters associated with a local branch of the United Parcel Service recently gathered to protest against harassment at the facility. Around 70 people attended the rally to speak out against what employees are calling a history of discrimination and harassment.

One man, who has been with UPS for three years, reported feeling harassed and discriminated against by a former supervisor. The man said the supervisor would follow him around and look over his shoulder. He also said the man used a racial slur when referring to him.

The UPS worker who felt discriminated against did file a complaint in the matter. He noted that the supervisor was transferred to a new position, but reports don’t note whether the transfer was related to the complaint. Other workers and a union spokesperson said that the UPS location had a history of discrimination and bullying. One union secretary said that there were complaints that other employees within the location bullied and harassed coworkers.

Overall, the allegations are that there is a hostile work environment at the facility. The company has issued a statement noting that it doesn’t tolerate harassment or discrimination in the workplace and that the concerns are being investigated in a serious manner.

While it is comforting for some employees when an employer takes action and seriously investigates a matter, investigations don’t always stop hostile work practices. This can be especially true if supervisors or even employers are part of an issue. If you feel you are being discriminated against or harassed and the employer is not appropriately responding, it might be time to seek outside help with your legal case.

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