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Family and Medical Leave Act Discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2016 | FMLA Discrimination

The Family and Medical Leave Act is in place for a reason. It is meant to help people balance their work and family life in the event of a medical crisis.

You never know what the future holds, so there could come a time when you need to take FMLA leave. This is never an easy decision to make, but it’s something you need to do if you want to keep things in order with both your family and personal life.

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act is in place to protect workers who need to take time off of work to care for him- or herself or a loved one. With this law in place, you don’t have to worry about losing your job for taking time away from the office.

First things first, you must make sure you are eligible for FMLA leave. If you are, make sure you know your responsibilities as an employee. You should also become familiar with what is expected of your employer.

Some of the most common reasons for an FMLA claim include:

— Pregnancy or childbirth

— Cancer treatment

— Heart disease treatment

— Psychiatric treatment

If you have been denied FMLA leave, don’t sit back and let your employer get away with this. Learn more about your rights. Learn more about the steps you can take to get your life back in order. Our attorneys are here to provide you with assistance. Contact us online or via phone. From there, we can answer your questions and help you feel better about your current standing.