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25 percent of Muslim doctors note discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Racial Discrimination At Work

American Muslim doctors feel discriminated against in their line of work, a recent study discovered. Around twenty-five percent of them noted feeling this way at times.

Some of the discrimination came from patients. In fact, one out of every ten doctors said that they had patients who had refused to come to them based on their being Muslim.

One doctor who was asked said that this was especially important because it was before presidential candidate Donald Trump began speaking out against Muslims and advocating that they not be allowed into the country. That would suggest the numbers could go up in the future, as about one out of every four Americans have said that they agreed with Trump.

The discrimination also came from their peers in the workplace, however. The studies that determined this talked to doctors in 2014 and all the way back in 2013. This was even before the climate had reached the point that it hit lately, with the tragic shootings in California and Trump’s comments.

This is not strictly an American issue, however. For example, one man looked into the hiring numbers in Europe, comparing hiring rates for Muslims and Christians. What he found is that men who were Muslim where four times less likely to be hired than counterparts who identified as Catholic.

Of course, religions are not included on resumes, but the reports indicated that the difference simply came from employers who picked out Muslim-sounding names and did not hire people based on those names.

If you’ve been discriminated against in the workplace or refused a job in Florida because of your race, religion or ethnicity, be sure you know your rights.

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