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Preventing retaliation starts with the employer

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Workplace Retaliation

When an employee speaks out against a company, it is easy for this person to believe they will be retaliated against.

Blowing the whistle is not something anybody wants to do, however, it is something that some people feel compelled to do in particular situations.

Preventing retaliation is not the job of the employee. Instead, this falls squarely on the shoulders of the company.

Preventing claims of retaliation is easy, as long as the right approach is taken. Some ways of doing so include:

— Creating a policy against retaliation. This goes a long way in showing employees that retaliation is not going to be tolerated and that there is a system in place if they need to make a complaint.

— Don’t sleep on complaints. If you receive a retaliation complaint, it is a must to deal with this right away. This is serious, so it should be treated as such.

— Keep detailed records. Just as the employee will keep records regarding the retaliation, the company needs to do the same. This information is necessary in the event of an investigation.

All companies, regardless of size and industry, should do their best to prevent retaliation. This includes making sure all persons of power understand that this will not be tolerated.

As a worker, even if your company has a policy against retaliation, you know that you are not necessarily 100 percent safe. If you feel you have been a victim of retaliation, you need to report the problem and then move forward in the manner that will best suit your situation.

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