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Making an FMLA claim? Do your part

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2015 | FMLA Discrimination

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act goes a long way in protecting employees who need to take time away from work to care for their own health or that of a loved one.

Even though the FMLA is meant to protect employees, you have to look at your situation from your employer’s point of view. They may be required by law to keep your job while you are away, but that doesn’t mean that the company shuts down until you return.

If you are going to make an FMLA claim, it is a must that you do your part with regard to making life as easy as possible on your employer. For example, you should notify your company as soon as possible. Along with this, don’t hesitate to provide any documentation that the employer is allowed to legally request.

When you make things easier on your company, there is less chance of something going wrong. This ensures that neither party gets upset during this difficult and challenging period of time.

If the time comes to make an FMLA claim, consult with your company’s HR department regarding what you should do to move the process forward in an efficient manner. This is the best way to ensure that everybody is on the same page from the beginning and that you meet all your expectations and responsibilities.

You can learn more about the Family and Medical Leave Act, including what your employer will expect of you, by reviewing our website. Start your search for information and advice on our “FMLA Claims” webpage.